Who Can Receive Your Zakat?


Masakin are extremely poor and needy people. These people don’t have any possessions or income. Your zakat money can help them in improving their living condition.


Fuqara are the people who live below the poverty line and don’t have enough means to live a normal life like others. They deserve your zakat in order to meet the daily necessities of their lives.

In the path of Allah

Those who are striving in the path of Allah are entitled to receive your zakat. These are the people who are fighting for Allah’s cause far away from their homes. Your zakat can help them have a better living.

What Is Zakat?

Zakat is the concept of obligatory charity in Islam. It’s how we give back, out of our own wealth, to those less fortunate. The word ‘zakat’ comes from the Arabic ‘to purify’, Allah swt says in the quran: “take from their wealth so that you might purify and sanctify them” (9:103). By recognising that one’s wealth is a gift from Allah (SWT) and giving away a portion of it to others, a Muslim purifies the rest of his or her wealth from greed and miserliness. In a world of gross social and economic inequality, it is vital for Muslims to uphold the tradition of Zakat.

Zakat is a right which the poor have over the wealthy; it is the duty of every wealthy muslim to fulfil this responsibility to those who are less fortunate. Over the years we have used zakat to distribute food and water to the most needy. We have used it to support poor villages, provided people with the means to improve their living conditions and attain their basic needs. We have used it to provide urgent humanitarian medical relief and shelter for people in conflict zones.. All Zakat is spent on projects which are within the Zakat eligible categories

Why Should I Give Zakat? ?

‘Take from their wealth so that you might purify and sanctify them.’ —The Holy Qur’an (9:103)


Your Zakat donations provide aid to poor and most needy in over 40 countries worldwide. Provide clean drinking water, care for orphans, deliver urgent humanitarian aid, provide nutritious meals, feed the hungry and care for the elderly.


The Prophet pbuh said, the dearest of actions to Allah is that which is done regularly, even if it is small. Giving regular charity no matter how small attracts the blessings of Allah swt. Help us bring hope to life to millions around the world Today.

Freeing captives

Slavery is prohibited in many parts of the world but still people are trafficked and kept as slaves. Zakat money can help slaves in freeing themselves and improve their living standard.


Zakat can be given to pay off debts of someone who cannot repay on his own. However, one must make sure that the money borrowed by debtor is not used for any un-Islamic or wrong purpose.