What We're Doing?


Donate Zakat & Sadaqah to the Orphan Relief Fund. There are a staggering 200 million Orphan Children in the world, more than the population of Brazil, the world's 5th largest country. Your donation will help support our Orphan relief efforts.


Every child deserves a happy, healthy childhood and the opportunity to build a brighter future.. Your support provides access to education, protection of shelter, the sustenance of nutritious meals and the chance to build a secure future


Help us build a new home for orphan children today, providing a safe, loving home for countless orphans for years to come. We have made it easy for everyone to contribute brick by brick.

Orphan Sponsorship

Where there is extreme poverty, there are always orphaned and abandoned children. Political conflict, ineffective governance, corruption, and poor access to health care creates an environment in which children suffer the most. Our aim is to provide sustainable, intensive support to the most marginalised and vulnerable children. It would be easy to reach out to thousands of children and give them a school uniform, a nutritious meal or a lift back home from school – but without addressing family social, medical and economic issues – these children will most likely be forced to drop out or simply starve to death.

Orphan sponsorship is a vital lifeline for many vulnerable young children, who do not have the loving support of a family. There are children whose only shelter is a piece of plastic sheeting or a cardboard box, living day to day with the risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Every year sponsors receive a detailed report on the child’s education, their progress and a hand written letter from the child. Your support means that we can ensure that they receive an education, food, healthcare, medical support and the care that any child needs. Give a vulnerable orphan the chance to break out of poverty today.

Supporting Orphan Education

Muslim Global Relief has been supporting orphan children around the world for over 20 years. We recently with your support took our orphans out to buy them clothes and also school stationary items in Gaza.

Medical Clinic For Our Orphans

Muslim Global Relief has been supporting the people of Gaza since its inception in 2000. Our team has been providing humanitarian medical relief to the people over the years. We recently organised a medical eye camp for our Orphan children.

Clean Water For Orphans

Muslim Global Relief with your support has been working in Pakistan for over 15 years providing humanitarian relief. Over 94% of the water in Gaza is undrinkable. We have been installing water coolers and storage tanks in our Orphanages.

Clothing & nutritious meals

Since 2000 Muslim Global Relief has been supporting thousands of orphans, changing the lives of children in some of the most deprived communities in the world


Our mobile health clinics provide urgent frontline medical relief to people who have been affected by war, famine and natural disasters. Our clinics also deliver primary healthcare directly to patients in rural villages.